Clinical Data Collection – The COVID-19 Case Report Forms (CRFs)

for the collection of standardised clinical data to improve patient care and inform the public health response.

The ISARIC-WHO Case Report Forms (CRFs) should be used to collect data on individuals presenting with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.

The forms are available in multiple languages (see below). If you would like to support further translations, please contact

Web-based data management software is available to support data entry. This includes online data capture and a mobile app. Sites can choose to set up independent studies or contribute data to the global aggregated reports. They are also used for the ISARIC Clinical Characterisation Protocol.

Sites who use these forms will have the option of contributing data to the global aggregated reports.

Sites that have started using one form may change to the other form if they decide this is best. However, there are some considerations, so please email us for guidance at if this is the case.


CORE COVID-19 Case Report Form


For standardised data collection to improve patient care and inform the public health response.


A CRF Completion Guide in English only is available to support understanding of how to complete the CRF.

Data from the CORE CRF can be entered into this online e-CRF, then exported for analysis by those who enter it.

We welcome all data contributions to the ISARIC Data Platform. Ownership and decisions about data are retained by the institutions that collect them.




Here are the downloadable CORE CRFs listed by language. 

English: CRF   Completion guide

Chinese (中文): CRF 

Espagnol: CRF

Française CRF

Japanese (日本語): CRF

Portugues: CRF


RAPID COVID-19 Case Report Form


A standardised data collection form focused on data to identify key risk factors to inform patient care and public health response.


This form includes fewer variables than the CORE form (above). Data are focused on specific risks, treatments and variables identified as priorities. For use where data collection resources are limited.

A CRF Completion Guide is available to support understanding of how to complete this CRF.

ISARIC hosts a secure web-based electronic data capture system and repository to support high-quality, standardised data management.




Here are the downloadable RAPID CRF and Completion Guides listed by language. 

English: CRF    Completion Guide

Française: CRF   Completion Guide

Espagnol: CRF    Completion Guide

Portuges: CRF    Completion Guide

Japanese (日本語): CRF    Completion Guide

Urdu: CRF    Completion Guide


Optional CRF Modules

These modules have been developed in collaboration with WHO and international experts to be used in addition to the Core or RAPID COVID-19 CRFs when applicable, depending on resources and research need.

New modules:

  • COVID-19 Rapid Critical Care
  • COVID-19 CRF Module for Pregnant Women

Access link to Optional CRF Modules


Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) in children and adolescents temporally related to COVID-19

This Case Report Form (CRF) has been developed to use as a standalone CRF for children and adolescents presenting with a syndrome of suspected Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C).  This CRF has been developed in collaboration with WHO’s working group.

Access link to Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) CRF