ISARIC's purpose is to prevent illness and deaths from infectious diseases outbreaks. We are a global federation of clinical research networks, providing a proficient, coordinated, and agile research response to outbreak-prone infectious diseases.

ISARIC represents 50 ratified networks.  The map below shows the 132 countries currently represented within the Global Federation.  The intensity of the 50 networks operating in that country are portrayed by the brighter colour e.g. There are a number of networks with research sites in Europe and North America.  

Coverage of Member Networks

The concept of ISARIC is simple: patient-based research must be at the heart of an evidence-based response to epidemic infections. A grass-roots federation of clinical investigators is needed to generate the evidence to improve clinical care and public health responses, and to support the development and evaluation of new diagnostics, drugs and vaccines.

Since ISARIC’s inception in 2011, the need for more intensified and structural international coordination and collaboration has gained momentum amongst the Strategists and Industry. This has led to the establishment of several global initiatives such as CEPI, EDCARN, GloPID-R and the WHO R&D Blueprint. This changing international landscape, of increased coordination and collaboration, requires an equal response from the international clinical research community, to ensure there is a clear and complete pathway from bedside to bench and back. Provision of the operational capabilities to conduct clinical research, whenever and wherever needed, is the role that ISARIC aspires to have, by its members and for its members.

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