The scientific direction and overall leadership of ISARIC is provided through the Council which is formed of representatives from research networks and individual investigators. Responsibilities of the Council include selection of Executive Committee members, endorsement of study protocols and other documents generated by the Working Groups for public posting, and for modifications to the ISARIC Governing Framework, Policy on Relations with For-Profit Entities. ISARIC Data-Sharing and other core ISARIC documents. The Council is responsible to and representative of the member organisations of ISARIC, and holds the Executive Committee responsible for the operation of the Consortium.

Composition of the Council

The Council includes Independent External Advisors, members of the Executive Committee, members with observer status and one representative from:
•    each research network that is a member of ISARIC
•    each Regional Hub (in the first instance only with observer status)
•    each Working Group

Membership criteria for research networks

The Consortium aims to be inclusive and welcomes existing research networks as long as they are:
•    Independent and founded, led and run by academic investigators (i.e., not led by industry)
•    Scientifically active, with scholarly contributions that are attributable to the network and in research areas relevant to the Consortium
•    Multicentre
•    Have ready access to patients with SARI for enrolment into studies
•    Supportive of ISARIC’s vision and mission in terms of data-sharing and contributing to joint publications
•    Governed by practices consistent with the mission and vision of ISARIC.

All of these criteria are required for membership and voting rights. Representatives from other networks or institutions may be invited as observers on the Council at its discretion but do not have voting rights on the Council.

Prospective Council members are asked to declare in writing that they agree to abide by the principles and operating procedures set out in the ISARIC Governing Framework, including a specific agreement on data sharing (to be drafted), before participating. No membership fees are levied.

Member networks are expected to nominate a new representative to the Council if their current representative is elected to sit on the Executive Committee as a voting member.