Executive responsibility for ISARIC activities lies with the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee steers the Consortium and provides general supervision of its activities, reports to the Council, and is advised by the Stakeholder Advisory Board. The Executive Committee meets to discuss ISARIC activities once every month by teleconference.

The current members of the Executive Committee are:

Chair and vice chairs

Peter Horby, ERGO, UK (Chair)
Roberto Bruzzone, Institut Pasteur, Hong Kong SAR (Vice chair)
Nick Day, MORU, Thailand (Vice chair)
John Marshall, InFACT and CCCTG, Canada (Vice chair)

Global Support Centre

Gail Carson, Clinical Lead, UK
Raul Pardinaz-Solis, Clinical Trials Support Officer
W. Abdullah Brooks, PERCH/ICDDR,B, USA/Bangladesh (Advisory capacity)
Frederick Hayden, University of Virginia, US (Advisory capacity)
Laura Merson, IDDO, UK (Advisory capacity)
Kathy Rowan, ICNARC and InFACT, UK (Advisory capacity)

Working group chairs

WG1: Derek Angus, CRISMA and University of Pittsburgh, US
WG2: Calum Semple, FLU-CIN and University of Liverpool, UK
WG3: Ken Baillie, GenISIS and Roslin Institute, UK
WG4: Steve Webb, ANZICS and University of Western Australia, Australia

Regional representatives/hubs


Dean Everett, Malawi-Liverpool Wellcome Trust, Malawi
Kathryn Maitland, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust, Kenya


Fernando Bozza, FIOCRUZ, Brazil
Arturo Galindo-Fraga, La Red, Mexico


Zhancheng Gao, SICAP, China
Guy Thwaites, OUCRU, Viet Nam


Jean-Daniel Chiche, ESICM, France
Gernot Rohde, CAPNETZ, Germany and the Netherlands

Other organisations/networks

Menno de Jong, PREPARE, the Netherlands
Trudie Lang, The Global Health Network, UK


For a listing of previous Executive Committee members, please follow this link.