Regional Hubs are a critical component of ISARIC. It is their role to strengthen the Consortium’s global approach to collaborative research by ensuring that low- and middle-income countries and their member networks are represented adequately on the Council and the Working Groups by facilitating regular communication between networks in the various regions through close interactions with the Secretariat; and by integrating activities of the Working Groups and their project teams at the regional level.

Each Regional Hub nominates a representative to the Council who is responsible for maintaining effective communication between the Council and member networks in their region. Some regions may decide to allow their Regional Hub representatives to rotate in terms of them representing the Hub to the Council and the Executive Committee meetings.

The current Regional Hubs are:

Africa: Dean Everett (Malawi) and Kathryn Maitland (Kenya)

Americas: Fernando Bozza (Brazil) and Arturo Galindo-Fraga (Mexico)

Australasia: Zhancheng Gao (China) and Guy Thwaites (Viet Nam)

Europe: Jean-Daniel Chiche (France) and Gernot Rohde (Germany and the Netherlands)