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New eSeminar: Trials and Tribulations
The Experience of an Ebola Clinical Research Team in West Africa... Read nore

Ebola_CP Trial: First plasma donated by survivors in Sierra Leone
First Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone have donated plasma within the Ebola_CP trial led by Calum Semple (ISARIC WG2 Chair) and a team of scientists at the University of Liverpool and the College of Medicine and Allied Health Services, in ... Read more

ISARIC Newsletter Q1 2015
For updates about recent and ongoing ISARIC activities, such as Ebola trials, SPRINT SARI, Data harmonization, PREPARE and other regional collaborative frameworks - please see our most recent Newsletter (18/4/15) Read more

ISARIC-investigator to coordinate the first ever treatment trial for Ebola
As the world is gathering to respond to the Ebola outbreak, ISARIC-investigator Dr Peter Horby based at the University of Oxford's Centre for Tropical Medicine, with partners have today been awarded a grant through the Wellcome Trust's Ebola research funding ... Read more
UK Clinical Characterisation Protocol for Severe Emerging Infection v7
The WHO/ISARIC SARI BSP (Severe Acute Respiratory Infection Biological Sampling Protocol) has gone through a major amendment in the UK that has been ethically approved and is currently being rolled out in the UK. The protocol has been re-named 'Clinical ... Read more
ISARIC Bulletin: Summary
The ISARIC Bulletin aims to provide information about ISARIC and ISARIC's activities to a wider audience. This issue focuses particularly on ISARIC's activities over the past two years - our first two years of existence. Please feel free to spread ... Read more
Launch of the Global Health Research Process Map
8th July 2014 saw the launch of the Global Health Research Process Map, the first digital toolkit designed to enable researchers anywhere in the world to conduct rigorous global health research. It’s an open-access and internationally-available online resource that guides ... Read more