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Feasibility of a randomized controlled trial to assess treatment of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infection in Saudi Arabia: a survey of physicians

Background: The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) is an emerging respiratory pathogen with a high mortality rate and no specific treatments available to date. The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of conducting a randomized controlled ... Read more

CCP UK Activation Week

Calling all participating UK sites - all documents related to the CCP UK Activation Week are made avaliable online for download. Recognising the value of maintaining a sleeping study such as the CCP in a state of readiness and to ... Read more

Peter Horby elected new ISARIC chair

As you know, the term of ISARIC Chair Professor Abdullah Brooks ended in March of this year, and so a nominations process was launched to seek his successor. Professor Brooks was eligible for a second term, but decided not to ... Read more

Looking for funding? Try our new Funding Opportunities Tool

We have developed a funding database that features funding calls that are of interest for ISARIC-related activities. The list of included calls are updated on a weekly basis. Read more

Updated CRFs for Zika now available

Updated ISARIC/PREPARE Case Report Forms for Zika Virus (version 5.3) are now available. Updates include changes to ensure that no data field is left blank and implementation of recommendations from colleagues. Read more

Not Parachuting, Building Partnerships since 2011

In response to David L. Heymann, Joanne Liu, and Louis Lillywhite’s Perspective Partnerships, Not Parachutists, for Zika Research, published in the New England Journal of Medicine on 9 March 2016, we would like to inform the outbreak research and public ... Read more

WHO statement on the 2nd meeting of IHR Emergency Committee on Zika virus and observed increase in neurological disorders and neonatal malformations

The second meeting of the Emergency Committee (EC) convened by the Director-General under the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR 2005) regarding clusters of microcephaly cases and other neurological disorders in some areas affected by Zika virus was held by teleconference ... Read more

SPRINT-SARI patient recruitment has commenced

The SPRINT-SARI study has commenced recruitment at multiple sites in Europe and North America. This is an important step forward in achieving preparedness to conduct observational studies of Severe Acute Respiratory Illness during future pandemics or regional epidemics. Read more

ISARIC on the open sharing of data

Oxford, 11/02/16 -- ISARIC is encouraging all members to share research data within the ISARIC research community and with external collaborators working in severe emerging infections. ISARIC would like to emphasise the importance of sharing data with national and international ... Read more

ISARIC CC statement in light of WHO’s PHEIC announcement of 1 February 2016

Oxford, 2 February 2016 --- The WHO announced yesterday that the cluster of neurological disorders and neonatal malformations reported in the Americas constitute a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). The decision was taken following advice from the Emergency ... Read more

EVAg: Standard for molecular detection of Zika available

A quantified freeze-dried genomic standard for molecular detection of Zika virus by molecular methods will be made available via the EVAg website in early February. It is made of an inactivated culture supernatant of strain H/PF/2013 (full sequence of the ... Read more

ISARIC activities during the Zika virus outbreak – Update 07/01/16

Since one of ISARIC’s regional representatives for the Americas, Dr Fernando Bozza (FIOCRUZ and BricNET), offered an update on the Zika virus (ZIKV) outbreak in Brazil during ISARIC’s Stakeholders’ meeting in London in early December, ISARIC and partners have kept ... Read more

New Zika Infection website available

The aim of this website is to provide a platform for sharing and developing research priorities, protocols, data capture systems alongside the latest epidemiological and clinical management information about Zika infection. The website came about through a collaboration between a ... Read more

PRESS RELEASE: Setting the scene for rapid clinical research responses during outbreaks

London, 30 November 2015 -- In an effort to improve the prospects for a rapid and coordinated clinical research response to the next outbreak or pandemic, ISARIC has brought together key Stakeholders for a global meeting held at the Wellcome ... Read more



New eSeminar: Trials and Tribulations
The Experience of an Ebola Clinical Research Team in West Africa... Read more

Ebola_CP Trial: First plasma donated by survivors in Sierra Leone
First Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone have donated plasma within the Ebola_CP trial led by Calum Semple (ISARIC WG2 Chair) and a team of scientists at the University of Liverpool and the College of Medicine and Allied Health Services, in ... Read more

ISARIC Newsletter Q1 2015
For updates about recent and ongoing ISARIC activities, such as Ebola trials, SPRINT SARI, Data harmonization, PREPARE and other regional collaborative frameworks - please see our most recent Newsletter (18/4/15) Read more

ISARIC-investigator to coordinate the first ever treatment trial for Ebola
As the world is gathering to respond to the Ebola outbreak, ISARIC-investigator Dr Peter Horby based at the University of Oxford's Centre for Tropical Medicine, with partners have today been awarded a grant through the Wellcome Trust's Ebola research funding ... Read more
UK Clinical Characterisation Protocol for Severe Emerging Infection v7
The WHO/ISARIC SARI BSP (Severe Acute Respiratory Infection Biological Sampling Protocol) has gone through a major amendment in the UK that has been ethically approved and is currently being rolled out in the UK. The protocol has been re-named 'Clinical ... Read more
ISARIC Bulletin: Summary
The ISARIC Bulletin aims to provide information about ISARIC and ISARIC's activities to a wider audience. This issue focuses particularly on ISARIC's activities over the past two years - our first two years of existence. Please feel free to spread ... Read more
Launch of the Global Health Research Process Map
8th July 2014 saw the launch of the Global Health Research Process Map, the first digital toolkit designed to enable researchers anywhere in the world to conduct rigorous global health research. It’s an open-access and internationally-available online resource that guides ... Read more