New ISARIC Career development fellowship scheme

ISARIC is undertaking a five-year programme around specific capacity development activities, including the ISARIC Career Development Fellowship Scheme, which will support emerging clinical researchers to exchange knowledge, gain confidence in their research and leadership skills, develop local and regional research agendas, and ultimately increase their institutions international footprint within the federation and beyond.

Who can apply

ISARIC is launching its two career development fellowship schemes, where health professionals (e.g. qualified doctors, pharmacists, or nurses) from ISARIC Member Networks or Associate Members, can apply, or be nominated.  A current list of Members/Associates can be found here.
Potential fellows must have permission from their current line manager, along with full support from their institute to apply to the scheme, and will return to an LMIC for a minimum of 8 months developing their research project.
In the first instance, the focus has been given to resource-poor settings to reflect the propensity for outbreak-prone infectious diseases in these areas.  Therefore preference will be given to LMIC nationals.




Applications to the scheme

Applications to the Track 1 Scheme for 2020/2021 have now closed. 

Applications to Track 2, round one for placements starting in January – March 2021, will be launched towards the end of March 2020.  Further updates will be available in due course; as a guide, some of the deadlines are mentioned here.