In response to the emergence of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), ISARIC has developed a portfolio of resources to accelerate outbreak research and response.

All resources are designed to address the most critical public health questions, have undergone extensive review by international clinical experts, and are free to use.

ISARIC supports researchers to retain control of the data and samples they collect.


COVID-19 Case Record Forms (CRF)

for the collection of standardised clinical data to inform the public health response.

The ISARIC-WHO Case Record Form (CRF) should be used to collect data on suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19.

This form is in use across dozens of countries and research consortia including SPRINT SARI, ALERRT and Global CCP, aligning the collection of health data to better characterise the spectrum of disease and optimise patient management. The form is available in multiple languages. Data can be entered electronically to the data platform as below.


 Data systems

Data management & hosting

for rapid, secure recording of high-quality data.

The ISARIC Data Platform is an electronic data capture system and repository that standardises and secures global data on COVID-19. Ownership and control of all data entered on these systems is retained by those who enter them. All systems are free to use and supported by data management specialists. Data are entered to a web-based REDCapä data management system, hosted by the University of Oxford on behalf of ISARIC. To use these systems:

-          Contact the ISARIC Global Support Centre at to obtain access.

-          Ask your institution to accept the Terms of Data Submission that outline the measures taken to protect your interests and to ensure patient confidentiality and data security.

-          Use the REDCap Data Entry Guide to enter data from the CRF

-          Receive reports from the global system and use the R Code to generate reports from your data


All those who contribute data will have access to high-level aggregate reports on global data and detailed reports on the data they enter. All contributors are invited to input on the methods and contents of the reports.

Sites who wish to set up the ISARIC COVID-19 database using their own, independently hosted instance of REDCap contact



Research Protocol

for the collection of data and biological samples in a globally harmonised manner.

The Clinical Characterisation Protocol (CCP) is designed for any severe or potentially severe acute infection of public health interest. The protocol enables data and biological samples to be collected in a globally harmonised manner. This standardised protocol can be used for coordinated clinical investigation of suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The protocol is the product of many years of discussion among international investigators from a wide range of scientific and medical disciplines (Lancet ID here)

Recruitment under this protocol has been initiated previously in response to Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) in 2012-2013, Influenza H7N9 in 2013, viral haemorrhagic fever (Ebolavirus) in 2014, Monkeypox & MERS-CoV in 2018, Tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) in 2019 and now for COVID-19 in 2020.


ISARIC offers a web-based eCRF for the CCP and can host the data. For further information please contact

The resources are free to use. ISARIC supports researchers to retain control of the data and samples they collect.


We ask that ISARIC is acknowledged and informed if you implement the protocol. Ethical approval of the protocol and all necessary operational and financial arrangements are the responsibility of the investigators.