ISARIC offers a Full Membership option to those organisations interested in joining us.

In line with our Membership Policy, the Full membership is open to any organisation whose primary activity is led and initiated by an investigator, and involves multicentre research targeting acutely ill adults and/or children. To be eligible for a full membership, organisations need to be:

  • Independent and founded, led and run by academic investigators (not led by industry)
  • Scientifically active, with scholarly contributions that are attributable to the network and in research areas relevant to the consortium
  • Multicentre – involving multiple centres of different institutions
  • Have access to patients for potential enrolment into studies (applicable to clinically focused organisations)
  • Supportive of ISARIC’s vision and mission in terms of data-sharing, contributing to joint publications and involved in the consortium’s goals and research activities
  • Organised and structured in a manner consistent with the mission and vision of ISARIC

All of these criteria must be met for membership.

If you want to join ISARIC, you will need to read through our Membership Policy and fill in a Membership Form. Please contact the Global Support Centre to request a form and a copy of the Membership Policy.

For more information about Working Groups, what they do and who they are, please see the Working Group page.