The ISARIC-WHO Clinical Characterization Protocol for severe emerging infections

Created by ISARIC members in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO), this protocol is a standardized observational study for the rapid, coordinated clinical investigation of patients of all ages with severe or potentially severe acute infections. Patients with a spectrum of emerging and unknown pathogens are eligible. This protocol has been designed to characterize host and pathogen features of the infection in order to inform identification, triage and treatment of the disease.  The standardized design will maximize the likelihood that data and biological samples are prospectively and systematically collected and rapidly shared across many different settings globally. The protocol is designed to have some level of flexibility in order to ensure the broadest acceptance.
Study documents are available via the links below for anyone to download and use.  They have been arranged in the following libraries:


Informed Consent Forms and Information Sheets



To access specific documentation related to the CCP as applied in the UK and information about the Annual Activation exercise, please visit the CCP UK & Annual Activation page here.