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Category Tool/Template Description
Data management

Terms of Submission SPRINT-SARI Terms of Submission May 2019
Case Report Form (CRF) SPRINT-SARI Case Report Form (CRF) V2.0
Data Entry User Guide REDCap Data Entry User Guide June 2019
Data Query User Guide REDCap Data Query User Guide June 2019

Patient recruitment

Adult Consent Form SPRINT-SARI Adult Consent Form, V1.0
Adult PIL SPRINT-SARI Adult Patient Information Sheet, V1.0
Child 6-12 years PIL SPRINT-SARI Child 6-12 years Patient Information Sheet, V1.0
Child Assent Form SPRINT-SARI Child Assent Form, V1.0
Consultee Consent Form SPRINT-SARI Consultee Consent Form, V1.0
Consultee PIL SPRINT-SARI Consultee Patient Information Sheet, V1.0
Young Person Assent Form SPRINT-SARI Young Person Assent Form, V1.0
Child and Young Person Parental Authority Form SPRINT-SARI Parental Authority Form for Children and Young Persons, V1.0
Young Person 12-16 years PIL SPRINT-SARI Childre's and Young Person's Patient Information Sheet, V1.0
Enrolment Log SPRINT-SARI Enrolment Log, V1.0
Information, infographics, marketing Site Poster SPRINT-SARI Site Poster, V1.0