ISARIC provides a collaborative platform through which global, patient‐oriented clinical studies can be developed, executed and shared.

Protocols addressing the most important questions between and during epidemics of severe acute respiratory infections and other rapidly emerging public health threats are undertaken in order to generate new knowledge, maximise the availability of clinical information, and thereby save lives.

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ISARIC Stakeholders' Meeting Report

by Sarah Moore

One of the key lessons learnt from the 2014-15 Ebola outbreak research response effort in West Africa is that it is critical to establish excellent working relations and collaborations in ...

Outbreak Updates

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Zika Virus

Updates and guidelines
Cartoon Network, PAHO and UNICEF launch second phase of campaign to educate kids about preventing Zika
16 Feb 2017 | PAHO WHO

News and Media
Zika Testing Mistakes Require Re-testing Of Over 400 Specimens
17 Feb 2017 | Forbes
Zika studies yield more fetal infection and testing clues, show persistence in breast milk
14 Feb 2017 | CIDRAP
The campaign to eradicate Zika has trampled over women's rights
13 Feb 2017 | The Independent


Information Portals

WHO: Zika Virus and complications
WHO: Zika: mapping the emerging evidence
Brazilian Ministry of Health's epidemiology portal
Please see our collaborative website on Zika Virus for more information.



Updates and guidelines
The Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has confirmed 3 new cases of MERS-CoV between 10-16 February 2017. For daily reports, please visit the MOH website, here.


Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) – Saudi Arabia
10 Feb 2017 | WHO

Ebola and other haemorrhagic fevers

News and Media
Ebola 'super-spreaders' cause most cases
14 Feb 2017 | BBC
Disease ‘superspreaders’ accounted for nearly two-thirds of Ebola cases, study finds
13 Feb 2017 | The Washington Post


Flu and respiratory infections

Updates and guidelines
Avian influenza H7N9 in China
16 Feb 2017 | PHAC
Respiratory Virus Detections/Isolations in Canada, Week 06 ending February 11, 2017
10 Feb 2017 | PHAC
Situation Update: Summary of Weekly FluView Report
10 Feb 2017 | CDC

News and Media
H7N9 infections continue to climb in China
16 Feb 2017 | CIDRAP
Chinese poultry markets closed to stop spread of avian flu
16 Feb 2017 | CNN
Dozens die of bird flu in China amid fears of new health crisis
16 Feb 2017 | The Sidney Morning Herald
Vitamin D pills 'could stop colds or flu'
16 Feb 2017 | BBC
Czech Republic reports first H5N5 outbreak, as H5N8 turns up in Cameroon
15 Feb 2017 | CIDRAP
Taiwan reports further H5N6 spread; other strains strike Iran, Europe, Africa
13 Feb 2017 | CIDRAP
China now in its worst H7N9 avian flu season on record
10 Feb 2017 | CIDRAP



Global research platforms receive €30M to combat Zika

Oxford --21 October 2016, ISARIC members are part of two successful bids to the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme that will set up multinational and multi-disciplinary research consortia to combat Zika virus (ZIKV) infection and build pandemic ... Read more

ISARIC Statement - EDCTP Collaborations

The recently launched EDCTP call Research and Clinical Management of Patients with PRD epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa encourages applicants to work with national, regional, and international initiatives such as ISARIC and PREPARE Europe. Successful applications will have gone through a ... Read more

Chair's Message

New Chair Peter Horby's first message as ISARIC Chair

Dear Colleagues, I am delighted to be the new Chair of ISARIC and “thank-you” to the many members who have sent messages of support and encouragement. I would like to start my tenure by expressing gratitude on behalf of ISARIC ... Read more

CCP UK Activation Week

All related documents are avaliable online

Calling all participating UK sites - all documents related to the CCP UK Activation Week are made avaliable online for download. Recognising the value of maintaining a sleeping study such as the CCP in a state of readiness and to ... Read more

Peter Horby elected new ISARIC chair

As you know, the term of ISARIC Chair Professor Abdullah Brooks ended in March of this year, and so a nominations process was launched to seek his successor. Professor Brooks was eligible for a second term, but decided not to ... Read more

ISARIC Chair Elections 2016 - Call for Nominations

Deadline 13 May 2016

ISARIC is arranging for Chair Elections in 2016, and we are now calling for nominations among our membership. If you want to nominate yourself or someone else, please read this letter from the Nominations Committee and apply by 13 May ... Read more

Updated CRFs for Zika now available

Download v5.3 @

Updated ISARIC/PREPARE Case Report Forms for Zika Virus (version 5.3) are now available. Updates include changes to ensure that no data field is left blank and implementation of recommendations from colleagues. Read more

Not Parachuting, Building Partnerships since 2011

Response to NEJM Perspective 9 March 2016

In response to David L. Heymann, Joanne Liu, and Louis Lillywhite’s Perspective Partnerships, Not Parachutists, for Zika Research, published in the New England Journal of Medicine on 9 March 2016, we would like to inform the outbreak research and public ... Read more

SPRINT-SARI patient recruitment has commenced

The SPRINT-SARI study has commenced recruitment at multiple sites in Europe and North America. This is an important step forward in achieving preparedness to conduct observational studies of Severe Acute Respiratory Illness during future pandemics or regional epidemics. Read more

ISARIC on the open sharing of data

Oxford, 11/02/16 -- ISARIC is encouraging all members to share research data within the ISARIC research community and with external collaborators working in severe emerging infections. ISARIC would like to emphasise the importance of sharing data with national and international ... Read more

EVAg: Standard for molecular detection of Zika available

A quantified freeze-dried genomic standard for molecular detection of Zika virus by molecular methods will be made available via the EVAg website in early February. It is made of an inactivated culture supernatant of strain H/PF/2013 (full sequence of the ... Read more

New Zika Infection website available

The aim of this website is to provide a platform for sharing and developing research priorities, protocols, data capture systems alongside the latest epidemiological and clinical management information about Zika infection. The website came about through a collaboration between a ... Read more