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Community forum

This forum is open to anyone and a good place to discuss ISARIC-related topics or work in progress.


This is a closed discussion forum for CREDO pilot participants. Please feel free to post any questions or comments relating to the CREDO training. Emmanuelle and Delphine will moderate this group and can pass on your questions to the CREDO module leads if needed.

Generic Protocol Template Development for Novel Coronavirus

This group is developing a generic protocol template that could be taken and used by research teams who wish to assess therapies for the treatment of novel coronavirus. 

WG4 Forum

Discussion forum for members of WG4 and WG4 project teams

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Questions and Answers - Ask ISARIC

This is a public forum where anyone may ask ISARIC questions about anything related to our work, mission, vision, operations, activities or medical questions related to SARI (Severe Acute Respiratory Infections) or other emerging infections. Questions will be passed on to ISARIC members and answered as soon as possible through this forum.

WG3 Forum

This is a discussion forum for WG3, and accessible by invitation only

WG2 Forum

This is a discussion forum for members of WG2 and WG2 project groups, accessible by invitation only

WG1 Forum

This is a discussion forum for members of WG1 or WG1 subgroups, and is accessible by invitation only

Workgroup Discussion Forum

The Workgroup Discussion Forum offers working group members a forum for working group interaction within working groups and between working groups.