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ISARIC offers two different memberships. The Full Membership is meant for networks, as ISARIC primarily is a network of networks. Full members have voting rights on ISARIC's Council and may be elected for posts such as Chair or Vice Chairs. For individuals who wish to join ISARIC but who are not (yet or currently) able or eligible to represent a network, the Individual Membership offers an entry into the Consortium. Individual members do not have voting rights and are not represented on the ISARIC Council. They are, however, able to participate in Working Group activities and many other ISARIC activities.

It is not always possible for organisations to formally join ISARIC for political or institutional reasons. Therefore, ISARIC offers the option of Observer Status, which enables non-members to part-take in ISARIC activities such as Working Group meetings and projects at the discretion of the Executive Committee, Council, or the Working Groups as applicable.

Please download the form that applies to you to the right and send it to the ISARIC Coordinating Centre by mail. You may also send the form by email, followed by a mail copy.