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The WHO/ISARIC SARI BSP (Severe Acute Respiratory Infection Biological Sampling Protocol) has gone through a major amendment in the UK that has been ethically approved and is currently being rolled out. The protocol has been re-named 'Clinical Characterisation Protocol for Severe Emerging Infection' (version 7), and will pick up SARI and VHF (e.g. Ebola Virus Disease), among other emerging infections of public health interest.

The approved protocol as intended for use in the UK is avaliable for download to the right as a .pdf. Please contact Raul Pardinaz-Solis if you wish to receive the protocol in .docx format or any of the supporting documents. Raul will also be able to answer questions with regards to these documents and the roll-out process.

The local files as applicable to other countries where approval has been granted will be made available in due course.