The first results from a randomised controlled trial of a treatment for COVID-19 provide support for larger trials of the drug

18th March 2020 • comment

This article discusses issues related to regions where critical care units might have limited or no capacity to provide mechanical ventilations. The difference in medical care availability will likely have repercutions on patient outcomes.   Full article here:

11th March 2020 • comment

ISARIC associated paper and first study on COVID19  that analyses a number of patients to assess health characteristics that lead to death in hospitalised adults in Wuhan, China.   See full article here:

9th March 2020 • comment

Bill Gates reflects on good governance during a pandemic and how we can learn from COVID-19 to prevent future pandemics.

28th February 2020 • comment
24th January 2020 • comment

A CRF aiming to provide feedback on the process to inform future work with ethical committees and regulatory agencies.

23rd January 2013 • comment