3rd March 2017 • comment

Documents for seeking ISARIC endorsement for research studies.

20th April 2015 • comment

The ISARIC-WHO Clinical Characterisation Protocol for Severe Emerging Infection, with supporting documents. Under WHO ERB review.

29th October 2014 • comment

Being part of a global effort to quickly respond to emergingthreats and pandemics invariably comes with spending hourson conference calls. This note aims to provide a fewsuggestions to new and regular ‘teleconference-callers’, in thehope of making TCs as efficient and – enjoyable, as possible.

7th March 2014 • comment

ESSENCE on Health Research have created a good practice document on research costing. It includes a review of the funding practices related to the definition and funding of direct and indirect costs. 

18th December 2013 • comment

This guide, developed by the WHO and released in December 2013, aims to facilitate implementation research in LMICs.

2nd December 2013 • comment

A sample plan for sample collection with regards to a potential novel coronavirus outbreak, developed by Kenneth Baillie and ISARIC's Working Group 3.

8th December 2012 • comment