ISARIC Bulletin Issue 1: Summary

by Kajsa-Stina Longuère

The ISARIC Bulletin aims to provide information of ISARIC activities to a broader audience, and will be made available on our website for download. The current issue particularly aims to provide an over view of ISARIC activities over the past two years.

17th June 2014 • comment

ISARIC News Q1 2014

by Kajsa-Stina Longuère

Keep afloat with ISARIC - see our latest newsletter.

12th March 2014 • comment

ISARIC News Q1&2 2013

by Kajsa-Stina Longuère

An update on ISARIC activities in the first two quarters of 2013

11th September 2013 • comment

May/June 2013 Newsletter

3rd June 2013 • comment