15th November 2018 • comment

Zika COS Project and Congenital Infections: A study to develop the Core Outcome Set (COS) for children affected by Zika's Congenital Syndrome Virus or other congenital infections.

2nd October 2018 • comment
18th June 2018 • comment
18th August 2017 • comment

Challenges of scientific collaboration during an outbreak: the recent experience with Zika in Brazil

30th June 2017 • comment

Institut Pasteur Shanghai-Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPS-CAS), a partner of the ZIKAlliance consortium, announced that it has entered into a collaborative research agreement with Chongqing Zhifei Biological Products Stock Co., Ltd. (Zhifei) for the clinical studies and commercialization of a recombinant Zika virus subunit vaccine developed by IPS-CAS.

5th April 2017 • comment

The key message from this study is that the large uncertainty around the risk estimate needs to be further investigated because of a) the possible existence of co-factors that are yet to be validated, b) the assumptions that the authors needed to make in the absence of good data for the proportion of women who were infected during pregnancy.

10th March 2017 • comment
3rd March 2017 • comment

This pioneering study provides a precise follow-up of incident cases and seroprevalence in blood donors, and it also provides important insights into the management of blood donations during ZIKV outbreaks and into the natural history of ZIKV infection in adults. It suggests that the study of blood donors during outbreaks of emerging pathogens has become a key element of epidemiological surveillance.

23rd January 2017 • comment

A study performed by the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM) team of Dr Ali Amara (U944, Paris, France) and published in Cell Reports sheds new light on the mechanisms allowing ZIKV to infect cells within the human nervous system. Amara et al. showed that the protein Axl is expressed in a number of brain glial cells and that the entry of ZIKV into these cells requires another protein, Gas6, to act as a bridge between the ZIKV particles and the glial cells.

18th January 2017 • comment

Global research platforms receive €30M to combat Zika   Oxford --21 October 2016, ISARIC members are part of two successful bids to the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme that will set up multinational and multi-disciplinary research consortia to combat Zika virus (ZIKV) infection and build pandemic preparedness in Latin America and the Caribbean over the next 3 to 5 years, the European Commission announced today.

21st October 2016 • comment

This Week in Global Health or TWiGH presents Global Health Out Loud with Sulzhan Bali & Jessica Taaffe. This week they discuss Zika virus.

25th January 2016 • comment

Video of Professor Peter Horby, the University of Oxford, on how he and his team set up clinical trials in the heart of the Ebola outbreak.

26th November 2015 • comment

Whilst our understanding of drug resistant Plasmodium falciparum is quite well understood, the extent and nature of resistance in Plasmodium vivax parasites is for the most part unknown.

2nd October 2015 • comment

Are you a research scientist working in Global Health? Or an institution looking for partners to run a clinical trial? Site Finder is for you.

5th June 2015 • comment

International Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infection Consortium newsletters

21st April 2015 • comment

Documents for seeking ISARIC endorsement for research studies.

20th April 2015 • comment

If you wish to join ISARIC you need to download and submit a membership form. Please download your form here.

12th November 2014 • comment

ISARIC's Governance Framework v.4.2 as reviewed and ratified by ISARIC's Council 3 July 2014.

12th November 2014 • comment

Professor Peter Piot, LSHTM, talks about Ebola and implications for Africa and understanding future epidemics at the Martin School, University of Oxford, 16th October 2014.

17th October 2014 • comment

Access the WHO/ISARIC Clinical Characterisation Protocol for Severe Emerging Infection (v7), which is currently being rolled out in the UK. Site files for other countries will be made available in due course.

11th September 2014 • comment

ESSENCE on Health Research have created a good practice document on research costing. It includes a review of the funding practices related to the definition and funding of direct and indirect costs. 

18th December 2013 • comment

This guide, developed by the WHO and released in December 2013, aims to facilitate implementation research in LMICs.

2nd December 2013 • comment

You can download protocols from a variety of sites implementing the ISARIC-SARI-BSProtocol by selecting the document from the list on the right. 

21st July 2013 • comment

Singapore SARI BSP Documents

by Kajsa-Stina Longuère

ISARIC/WHO BSP sampling plan and CRF adapted by the Singapore Severe Acute Respiratory Infection Study Group, available for download.

11th July 2013 • comment

ISARIC Novel Coronavirus CRF Version 1.3

by Kajsa-Stina Longuère

This is the ISARIC case-report form if you wish to use it for cases of human infection with the novel coronavirus (hCoV-EMC).

20th February 2013 • comment

A bibliography for articles that may be of interest when treating patients diagnosed with novel coronavirus.

20th February 2013 • comment

A CRF aiming to provide feedback on the process to inform future work with ethical committees and regulatory agencies.

23rd January 2013 • comment

A collection of funding opportunities nationally, regionally and globally that may be of interest to ISARIC members. Please contact the Secretariat directly to suggest links for the next bulletin.

17th January 2013 • comment
10th December 2012 • comment

ISARIC - Inernational Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infection Consortium broadcast a statement outlining proposals for a research agenda with regards to the novel coronavirus, through ProMED on December 8th. The statement includes a description of potential observatinal studies, RCTs, a sampling plan, and suggestions for possible interventions.

10th December 2012 • comment

ISARIC Newsletter Q4 October 2012

by Kajsa-Stina Magnusson
1st October 2012 • comment

1st ISARIC Council Meeting Summary. Includes details on ISARIC's vision, a summary of the meeting proceedings and a list of the next steps ahead.

10th August 2012 • comment

ISARIC Newsletter Q1 April 2012

by Kajsa-Stina Magnusson

ISARIC's Newsletter for the first quarter of 2012, including and update of activities December 2011 - April 2012, a listing of the members of the Executive Committee, Regional Hubs, Working Groups, External Advisors and Secretariat, and a message from ISARIC's Chairman Jeremy Farrar.

10th August 2012 • comment

ISARIC Governance Framework v 3

by Kajsa-Stina Magnusson

ISARIC's Governance Framework describing the oranisational structure and the various tasks of the Executive Committee, Secretariat, Council, Working Groups, Advisory Committee and other entities that form part of ISARIC's governance framework.

10th August 2012 • comment

ISARIC Membership Forms

by Kajsa-Stina Magnusson

ISARIC Membership forms for Full and Individual Membership with instructions.

10th August 2012 • comment

ISARIC Membership Policy v 2

by Kajsa-Stina Magnusson

All networks and individuals wishing to join ISARIC and wanting to participate in the activities of ISARIC's Working Groups must read and sign off the Membership Policy - including our mission statement and the objectives of the consortium. The Membership is applied for by filling out, signing, and submitting a membership form - either for Full Membership (Networks) or Individual Membership (individuals who are not, yet, eligible to represent networks). The membership is free of charge.

10th August 2012 • comment